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We pay close attention to detail, making small, incremental improvements to our services, which cumulatively add significant value for our customers and clients. Whether they're seeking Banking Services, tailored SME Lending, or exploring our Savings products, businesses and individuals choose LHV Bank as their trusted partner.


Streamlining saving for individuals, banking for fintechs, and lending for SMEs


Secure and straightforward savings products, to help reach your financial goals

SME Lending

Secured loans for business borrowing, tailored to the specific needs of the customer

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Banking Services

We enable 200+ fintech clients to serve over 10 million end-customers

What makes LHV Unique?

Pragmatic approach

We prefer to talk about results rather than making lofty promises


A fully licenced bank providing cloud-native solutions

Trustworthy and reliable

A regulated bank and a long-term trusted partner to our clients


Dedicated to adding services companies need for the next phase of growth

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