Onboarding Process

Designed with you in mind for a seamless start to our partnership

We understand that the process of opening a new account with a bank can be time-consuming, but it's essential to ensure a mutual fit between your business and our services. Our process is designed to be thorough yet efficient so that we can quickly move from application to account activation. Here's how it works:

Before starting the application process, make sure that your business meets LHV's Eligibility Criteria.


Depends on client's preparedness and completeness of documentation

  • Once you've confirmed your eligibility, a representative from our sales team will guide you through the process. We require the following documentation to ensure our services align with your company's needs:
    • Corporate background
    • Information on investors
    • Key personnel
    • Risk policies
    • Internal governance and technology
  • Our team shall assess:
    • Whether our mutual risk appetites match – LHV Risk Appetite
    • The specific costs, risks and revenues associated with your business
    • Whether your company falls within LHV's target client base
  • If your business meets all the above criteria, we will proceed to the Review and Decision stage.


Only initiated once the application is complete, typically taking between 4-6 weeks

  • This stage can be lengthy due to the documentation and details involved, but your LHV's representative will keep you up to date
  • Our Business Risk Management team will undertake an enhanced due diligence (EDD) process to assess several aspects of your business, including:
    • Your AML Policy
    • Ownership Structure and Key Personnel
    • Financial Crime Programme, Framework and Resources
    • Proposed Transaction Flows, Customer Types and Business Model
    • Licencing Arrangements and other relevant Risk Factors
  • We will also:
  • We may contact you for additional information, in which case LHV representative will get in touch
  • Once satisfied – we'll confirm approval


Approximately 2 weeks

  • We'll get in touch to confirm approval, finalise contracts and introduce you to your relationship manager
  • Through our Customer Portal, you'll have access to the basic functionality of our products immediately, allowing you to:
    • Manage payments
    • Download statements
    • Set authorisation limit


Generally ranging from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the client's responsiveness

  • Once the contract is finalised, you can start the technical integration
  • The speed of technical integration also depends on the availability of your internal resources (business and technical)
  • All Banking Services are accessible through our API – LHV Connect

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